Special: The Nutmeg Basic e-Commerce Package

Special: The Nutmeg Basic e-Commerce Package

Sell Your Product Online: 

The Basic Nutmeg e-Commerce Package

For less than $1.50 a day, sell your product 24/7 through the world wide web. Let us help you setup and maintain your online store.

For a limited time, starting at $40 a month(1), the Basic Nutmeg e-Commerce Package includes:
  • a full-featured e-commerce (shopping cart) site with online catalog, ordering and payment processing(2)
  • site setup and shopping cart software configuration
  • setup of 4–6 representative items for sale(3)
  • 3 other pages to describe your work, artist statement, terms and conditions, etc
  • website hosting for 1 year
  • orientation for maintaining and managing your online store
  • a professionally designed layout for your online store
  • domain name registration for 1 year (using our website name registration service).
With features like these, isn’t it time to consider using the internet to expand your sales outlets?

The fine print:

1. Setup not included.

2. Total package cost: starting from $995 for first year; includes installation and setup of shopping cart site, website hosting and domain registration for first year, up to 5 email (pop) accounts. Standard hosting rates apply to following years (currently starting from $40/month). Basic package price includes online payment processing through PayPal. Other gateway processing options are available at additional cost.

3. If desired, we will be happy to set up your full inventory for you at $45/hour.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide well designed and executed websites at reasonable prices.

To make this happen, we believe in the following: 

  • Not all customers want to be internet-savvy
    when it comes to designing, building and
    maintaing a website.
  • We'll listen first, then offer recommendations.
  • We can talk Geek to our computers,
    but we will talk English to our customers.

We offer support, not just hosting

Many companies will build a great website. Others will give you a good hosting plan. Go somewhere else and get your domain registered. Then, as time goes on, who makes sure that the software used to manage your website stays current? Is the content and data used on your website being backed up regularly? Who restores your site if it gets hacked? All Nutmeg Web Service plans are support plans, not just hosting plans. For a low, monthly fee, we take care of everything from basic hosting to routine site maintenance. Hey! We even offer free training!

Does a nickel matter?

For several years, we priced our support and hosting plans at $9.95, $34.95 and so on. But frankly, we think the practice of knocking off pennies to trick the brain into thinking smaller numbers is just silly. You're smart, we try to be intelligent. So, from now on, our plans will be rounded to whole numbers, like $10, not $9.95. Yes, it gives us a five cent raise. If you think this is a mistake on our part, please drop us a note via our contact form to tell us why.

Entry Level Plan
  • 1-2 page website
  • contact page
  • domain registration
  • site hosting
  • email forwarding

All for just $10/month!

Check Out Our Dynamic Business Plan:

  • professionally designed 5-page website
  • contact page
  • blog
  • domain registration
  • site hosting
  • email forwarding
  • and more!

Starting at just $35/month!